40 Best jQuery Techniques And Tutorials

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jQuery has long proved a useful and highly recommended development too. It helps in improving the user’s interactivity in Web applications. jQuery will allow you to develop your website in much easier and more flexible for the element in your website. The better website will allow to do better SEO and increase traffic.

In our post, you will find 40 jQuery techniques and tutorials that will help you improve your skills.

Custom Animation Banner with jQuery

This tutorial will assist you in learning to create customized animation banner which you can use for different purpose with the help of jQuery 2D Transform Plugin.

Quick Feedback Form – jQuery & PHP

Don’t wait for your feedback. jQuery solved this problem and created the quick feedback form which you can send through the email and get the feedback efficiently.

Wijmo – jQuery UI Widgets

If you want to have a complete kit of 30 jQuery UI Widgets then Wijmo is the choice you should make. It is an extremely dangerous but fun to use and helpful mixture of jQuery, CSS3, SVG, and HTML5 that when combined becomes an unstoppable force on the web.

One Page Navigation – jQuery Plugin

Navigation through the given plugin is far more smooth then you can think off.

RSS Reader With jQuery Mobile

Build the simple RSS Reader through jQuery and when you will be done, you can easily download that application to iPhone or android phones with skill of building new application on web.

Snippet – jQuery Syntax Highlighter

If you are looking for a highlighter then Snippet jQuery plugin is what you need because it provides a quick and easy way of highlighting source code passages in HTML documents.

Lettering – jQuery Typography Plugin

This application allows designers to come up with as many lettering styles they want as jQuery Typography plugins helps them to build them in immaculate way.

Moving Boxes Carousel with jQuery

This post will help you to learn how to make a slider which have buttons to change panels and the panel zoom.

Annotation Overlay Effect with jQuery

This application allows you to create a simple overlay effect to the display annotations.

Exposure jQuery Plugin

This plugin designed to give viewer an extreme pleasing effect while watching images without pushing the bandwidth.

Easy Accordion – jQuery Plugin

The plugin is designed for smooth accordion.

Google Powered Site Search With jQuery

You can brand the search engine through this tutorial and all you need is Google’s AJAX search API with which you can search for images and videos.

Build a Better Tooltip with jQuery Awesomeness

Use this tutorial and learn writing jQuery quickly without any hassle.

SlideNote – jQuery Plugin For Sliding Notifications

This tutorial is helpful in learning creating sliding notification technique which helps in many way for day to day web designing.

Simple Tooltip – jQuery & CSS

Image Cross Fade Transition

Coda Popup Bubbles

jQuery Smooth Tabs Plugin

TN34 Timetabs – jQuery Plugin

Full Page Image Gallery with jQuery

Creating A Slick Ajaxed Add-To-Basket With jQuery And PHP

Easy List Splitter – jQuery Plugin

Create a Slide Tabbed Box using jQuery

Create a Tabbed Interface Using jQuery

jQuery Tabbed Interface

Create Sliding Image Caption with jQuery

Create a Digg-style post sharing tool with jQuery

Image Reveal using jQuery

bgStretcher – jQuery Plugin

Simple jQuery Image Slide Show with Semi-Transparent Caption

Create an Amazon Books Widget with jQuery and XML

Building a jQuery-Powered Tag-Cloud

Simple jQuery Spy Effect

Creating a Floating HTML Menu Using jQuery and CSS

Slider Gallery

Create an amazing music player using mouse gestures & hotkeys in jQuery

Creating a Virtual jQuery Keyboard

Quick Tip: Resizing Images Based On Browser Window Size

Horizontal Slide Nav Using jQuery & CSS

Giveaway Randomizer App – jQuery

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