50 Inspiring Examples of Emotional Portrait Photography

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Emotional portrait photography is all about capturing and preserving the moments of real life forever. Photography involves expressions, inspirations and emotions all captured in one fine click of the camera. For good photography, camera, set and make-over is secondary. It is based on the aesthetics present in the person doing it. That is the reason it is said when it comes to photography, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the camera-holder”. In today’s post we are offering some very emotional portraits that might have not been seen before or perhaps are well hidden under the pile of Internet junk. These are taken by various different photographers though each one seems perfectly skillful and professional in his/her task of executing and capturing the true emotion. I hope you would like this post that gives you 50 inspirational examples of emotional portrait photography. Enjoy!

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Emotional Portrait Photography Examples

emotional portrait photography

emotional portrait photography

emotional portrait photography

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29 Comments to 50 Inspiring Examples of Emotional Portrait Photography

  1. Your should really make this into a flash or a video. Scrolling to each picture really takes away from their individual effect.
    Just a suggestion :)

    • Dear Reader,

      We appreciate your suggestion and would really like to put up the way you have mentioned.

      Thanks for dropping by and continue doing that because we like our readers.

      Dzineblog360 Team

  2. Lovely.

    Though the details and sharpness of the wrinkles on the elder gents and ladies is almost scary O.o

  3. Is there anyway to get prints of some of these pictures? I am extremely interested in numbers 10, 16, 27, 30 for our smoking lounge!

  4. Dear Reader,

    You are certainly right about it. However, the advice was not meant to provoke someone for copyrights infringement.

    Furthermore, I really appreciate your positive feedback. It certainly will allow us to think before saying something like that.


  5. Jim Ellenbacher

    I found myself looking, almost staring into the eyes of the subjects in the photos as if I was face to face with the living person. As if I could see there souls.

  6. Wow. As a writer seeing those pictures has sparked a thousand stories. I felt like at each image I could create an entire world. There was so much depth and feeling in the images. The swirl of emotions that come through each pose, each stare, the look of thier skin, the light on their faces. BRAVO!!!! I am inspired.

  7. Not a lot of candid emotion in these shots. They are well composed shots though. But mostly blank expressions or posed expressions.

  8. Emotions is the key to non-verbal communication among both humans and animals. Thanks for the remarkable photography.