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Ever thought which is the hardest job for graphic designers? Let me…It is to effectively visualize a concept into a single image. This is the exact requirement in creating a powerful print ad for newspaper, magazine or billboards. A print ad copy consists of two elements: visual imagery and typography. Although a picture is worth a thousand words, but the power of words cannot be underestimated. And the best way to illustrate words is through effective use of typography.

Challenges for Graphic Designers in Print Ads:

Creating print ads is quiet a challenging job for the graphic designers. There are a few reasons that cause the making of print ads a little tricky, e.g:

• Say more in Less Space: For starters, a print medium has less space than any other advertising medium. You need to communicate efficiently and effectively.
• Lack of Emotions: Print ads lack the emotions that TV ads carry. You need to manipulate the words and pictures to create an attractive copy.
• No Sound or Visual effects: In creating a print ad there are no visual aids or sound effects, you use an immovable media to create a moving ad.

In order to get a better understanding of how typography serves the effectiveness to print ads, let us take a look at some of the brilliant ads. For your understanding and inspiration, I have collected 22 creative typographic print ads.

Absa Bank

BMW is Joy

Brizo – It Began with a Touch

Wrap – Burger King

Coca Cola – You Don’t have to stay inside the lines

Coca Cola Light Lemon

Folha de S. Paulo newspaper – Monroe

McDonald’s – Room Mate

Hyundai – Designed for Humans

Mint Museum of Toys – Tin Toys

We Work as One – into1

Nissan – Xterra Jokes

Mitchell Eye Centre – Trash

Optimum health gym – Fat

Orange – SMS

Pivot Boutique Karma

PlayStation 2 – Girlfriend

Samsung Omnia

Sun-Rype – Trees

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre – Take a break from the Sun

The Economist – Maze

The Prevention Plan – Snake

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8 Comments to Exceptional Collection of Typography Print Ads

  1. These are great examples of creative use of type, but good TYPOGRAPHY is more to do with kerning, leading, layout, grids, style, balance, taste, alignment, etc…

  2. I really like the typography and these are actually great samples of designs with its unique typography itself. Designs and typography in print ads needs a balance so that the outcome of it would be great.