New Facebook Profile Offers More or Less : Your Decision

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I would not believe if someone says I am into online business and social media but have not really heard about Facebook. Facebook has penetrated into our day to day tasks that every minute change in it makes news and they made it again. Couple of days Facebook has launched the new profile design. It is news and most debated thing on the internet. We decided to let our readers know bit more about it by giving them some fruitful insight about it.

We assume that most of us in fact all of us are well aware from traditional Facebook profile and it’s working. So, let’s get straight to the point by introducing the new profile, its qualities and user’s feedback about the new advent.

The updated design of Facebook profile basically emphasizes on personal details like letting users introduce, or re-introduce, themselves to fellow users more quickly. The new profile page, which many of Facebook’s 500 million or so users are shifting toward, gives you the information about recent photos and relationship, hometown and work status, among other details, right up front. Let’s make it more understandable with the help of comparing old and new profile.

Comparison between New and Old Profile:

As per our assumption, you already know that current Facebook profiles list personal information such as birthday, relationship status and city of residence in a left-rail column underneath the user’s single profile photo. However, the new design moves that information up higher, in a more conversational format offering a quicker, more readable mini-portrait of a person which will give basic insight about him.

Another important thing would be that the mini-portrait also includes your recent most activity right up at front; however, it was done by an update in old profile. In an effort to enhance the profile visibility Facebook’s newly designed profile page displays five other recent photos that you have been tagged in along with your profile picture.

Facebook is all about socializing so the new feature also shows a history of your relationship with any of your Facebook friends. Furthermore, it displays such details as comments you have exchanged and places you have visited together.

Is your Profile Changing?

If you are wondering whether you will be given freedom to choose old or new profile, then don’t because it is eventually going to change. As per the available information the new profile page will be rolled out over the next month or so. So, if you do nothing, you’ll log on to your profile page one day soon to find that Facebook has rearranged your information to fit the new layout.

Willing to Switch but Confused about Privacy Settings:

By far if you like to change it before your friends to have an impression or just because of curiosity then you can do it immediately by following the below steps:

•         Log in to Facebook and go to

•         Click the green “Get the New Profile” box.

Facebook has always been in limelight because of its privacy settings. The advent of new profile page definitely going to raise many questions about it, however, initially users do not need to worry because by adopting the new page your privacy settings don’t change.

Edit your New Profile:

On first look after changing the profile you might want to edit the five photos of you that appear near the top of your page, you can hide them or swap them out for different ones. Furthermore, you can edit all the information by staying on the same page and following the given steps:

•         Login to your Facebook account and your new profile will appear (if already got one)

•         At the top, you can update personal information about things like your job, current city and relationship status.

•         You can click the “Edit Profile” link to change any other information.

•         If you don’t like the photos that appear, move your cursor over them one at a time.

•          A box will appear at the top right that you can click to remove that photo.

•         It will not make the photo disappear entirely or remove your tag; it will just mean it won’t be one of the ones people see at the top of your profile.

Feedback from Users:

It is hard to have consensus among 500 million users and as predicted, the change didn’t come without criticism. It is mainly because of its massive user base Facebook cannot just make any tweaks to its site without some grumbling.

“The new layout might have good potential, but the old layout was much more organised,” one user wrote on the site’s blog. “Facebook’s simplicity is what made it so different from other social networking sites; please don’t go trying to be like MySpace, which has lost enough users already.”

Another wrote: “The long list of friends on the left side looks awful. I wish there was a way to lump them together just using their pictures – like how “chat” is now on the main page. Also, the info page is way too long for everybody and seems too cluttered. I don’t really feel like there’s any real organization to it.”

But there are users who have welcomed the change in their comments.

“For once I like the changes they are making, particularly being able to see your FB history (chats, events) with your friends, seeing all the “likes” you have in common, and viewing past messages with them at a glance,” a user wrote. “I’ve always thought the current profile page was dumb, considering the info they have.”

Blogging Guru’s Opinion:

It should be pleasantly surprising for Facebook that much of the response in the tech blogosphere is positive. According to Jason Kincaid, “I’ve haven’t had much time to play with the new profile, but my initial impression is favorable.” Opinion:

In the conclusion, we would like to present our assessment about the new design. The post above seems favorable to new design because we believe the new design empowers an individual to get rid of unwanted information without hustling through bundle of pages. It also gives you the bird eye view of your most recent activities at Facebook. The design does look little odd with long list of friends and there should be an option to sum them up like one can sum up his chat list. I hope people will come up with more positive feedback which can be helpful in removing the glitches and concerns.

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