130+ Breathtaking Pencil Sketches

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Breathtaking pencil sketches is something not many people can do but still is an interesting, yet a powerful element of design. To put it correctly, pencil sketching can be termed as ‘the mother of graphic arts’. Nowadays, the general perception about drawing pencil sketches is that it is either a part of initial training given to Fine Arts students or it’s a good hobby for anyone who can draw well. What most of us don’t know is that making pencil sketches is almost an inevitable part of design and a unique branch of art in itself. Following is a breathtaking showcase of 130+ Pencil Sketches by famous sketchers including Henrik, Karandashom, Linda Huber, T. S. Abe. Enjoy!

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Breathtaking Pencil Sketches

Breathtaking Pencil Sketches

Breathtaking Pencil Sketches

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25 Comments to 130+ Breathtaking Pencil Sketches

  1. WOW!!! These people have some MAJOR skills. Not sure if I would have the patience for something like this lol
    Non the less there is some major talent in this post.
    Thank you

  2. umaanth sripad kakodker

    unbelievable for a pencil sketch. could have been B & W photograph of yore. congrats!

  3. Hello,

    You have very awesome artwork. Incredible! May I use some of these for the picture in my web regarding sketch with pencil?
    Thank you for the attention.

    If you would like to visit my gallery and give a comment, please… margarethtanua.deviantart.com/gallery.

    Thank you very much.

  4. awesome, incredible, fantabolus,
    i have no words to praise your work, ur skills and ur keen observation, only i can say is i want to sketch a master piece like one of urs. but i knw i cant do, but i pray i can….

  5. i want to know is it God gifted talent or u did u learn that art. can any body with out natural talent be learn the sketch drawing art or not. if yes than how.

  6. hello, i realy love your work. So realistic – with attention to detail. Çan you help me do a drawing of bird. I’d like to use the drawing for an album cover (music). Please respond as soon as you can – then i’ll elaborate.

    regards, Dirin

  7. hello everybody.. !! i admire a very awesomest art work..
    its realy very interesting to interact with our fellow artist and to share our art work with them and receive comments ..
    i also invite you all of my fellow artist to get connect with eachother and lets share our work with oneanother… i am also on facebook with my name “Leslie Derek”..and a art gallery page with the name “Pencil Sketch” ..
    have a blessed time..
    Leslie Derek


    These are incredible pencil sketches. Could you please send me some technique of pencil drawings? I would like to know what kind of erasers you used to highlight the areas

  9. kiama alex

    i love your work,is there a way that i can post you my pencil work?you can be of great help…im an artist too