Legitimate Link Building: A Right Move Towards Success

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The times were good when it was easy to trick the old search engines. However, time has changed and so is the technology. Google is unlike old search engines, it is more comprehensive, intelligent and immaculate in its tasks. The old strategy of filling your page with keywords does not really affect Google because it is you website now who tells what pages are about and which are most important to search engine. This process is known as Page Rank and it is not new because all webmasters know about it.

The question is if everyone knows then what is the need to talk about it. Well, it is true that all of us have some kind of idea about Page Rank, however; what we don’t have is right knowledge of doing it. So, today I will try to explore some theoretical and practical aspects of this not so complex process.

The basic thought behind PageRank is that if a page is important, other webpages will link to it. It means the more important the linking page itself, the more weight that link would have. Now, this system works fascinatingly because it instantly brings up relevant pages for almost any search, without giving benefit to keyword filling. In this way, the search engine doesn’t get tricked into ranking that page higher. The aforementioned process of considering links as a major contributor in determining PageRank is so popular now that all the main search engines are following this.

I think, theoretically the significance of link building in PageRank is quite clear now as it is a key component to any search optimization strategy. However, there are many naïve and young webmasters go about it the wrong way. Online business has become so lucrative now everyone is earning his share and so are the search engines. In order to keep the business clean, Google and the other search engines need to provide relevant results to searches to stay in business. It is beyond doubt that companies like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft can afford brilliant minds in computer industry that can work for them, think up ways to keep the results relevant and filter out the pages that aren’t.

Inappropriate Link Building: Forged Moves

Let’s talk about the old and wrong way of linking your website. The usual link swapping, mass article submission, purchasing links and even newer techniques such as link baiting are not very appreciative efforts in link building by search engines. Webmasters today swaps links with any site that will agree. This reciprocal links are easily detected by the search algorithms and discounted as such. Trading links doesn’t show the same vote for the quality of your site as a link that isn’t reciprocated.

Webmasters are not less bright minded which is why the more advanced search optimizers realized their link exchanges were not working. So, the new technique of purchasing links on high PageRank sites came in practice. The question which they might have asked to support this technique would be how could a search engine know a link is purchased and not placed organically? Well, it is not that difficult to find out especially when you have company like Google. The tell-tale signs can be used to discount links that are likely being sold: the same links appearing on every page of the site, links appearing in a list near the top or bottom of the page without any text around them, links that change every couple weeks or months, links near words like sponsors or advertisers. By the way the easiest of all is to find the site listed on a site like Text Link Ads. So, avoid using words like sponsors, advertisers etc.

Another common practice is to write articles about the topic of your website and submit them to thousands of article directories where other website owners can choose to republish your work with a link back to your site. That’s another case of easily traceable exploitation of incoming links. Search engines have had ability to detect duplicate content long ago. So, submitting your piece of writing to directories is not recommended as you don’t really want to waste your effort.

Right Linking: Long Endurance Moves

At this point, it is ideal to present the right way of linking. Following are the few but most appropriate ways of doing it.

1- Novelty is the Key: It is very simple and like two plus two question. If you want to earn the organic and natural links you need to attract them. You have to become so interesting and novel in your content that others come to you. Cook as per your own recipe, add spices according to your taste and make your content look strikingly different from the rest.

2- Act as Troubleshooter. People will love you if you make their life easy. In the design blog industry, the best you can do is to come up with useful tutorials. They are people lurking around to search the appropriate and helpful knowledge on various web applications. So, shoot their trouble and be a hero.

3- Let them Link. After doing everything, you need to do the most important thing which is to capitalize the idea that you want to share your website. You can provide link to this page tab, with well-chosen link text already filled in. Let users to make use of these tools to share your site as much as possible.

4- Focus on User not on Search Engine: As a webmaster, you need to focus on the users and not on search engines. Think like users and for their betterment. Raising the quality of your content and thereby earning natural back links benefits both the users and drives more legitimate traffic to your site.

5- Work Honest and Hard: The above mention methods are certainly not easy as compare to buying links or auto-submitting articles to article directories. However, they are the only core ideas that has lasted the test of time, and will continue to benefit your site no matter how efficient search algorithm become.

Rounding Up

It is fact that everyone wants to earn easy money which often lures to opt for all kind of right or wrong activities. However, the truth is the money earned after hard work, dedication and honest effort has its own unique joy. I am sure no one wants to miss out on this joyride. Link your site legitimately and be patient because impatience is not ideal in this kind of business. So, when you develop your SEO strategy, keep in mind that nowadays search engines reward sweat-of-the-brow work on content that rally natural links given by choice.

Happy Linking.

Waqas E. is an online media newbie based in Germany. Experimenting his way to success, Waqas loves to write about anything and everything, and has all the intentions to rule the world one day.

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