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The internet is ever changing media platform. The way we used internet in its early days is different than we use it today. It is because of so many advancements happened overnight. There are programmers, computer analysts, companies and individuals making internet browsing worthy.

Although, we have come long way but one needs to remember his starting point. It was not very long when Web 1.0 was introduced which quickly transformed into Web 2.0. The details of these technologies can be found anywhere over the internet however, the interesting information is this that computer geeks are ready to go ahead with Web 3.0.

Human beings always strive for best and this is exactly what happened in the case of Web 1.0. It was very basic in its approach, Web 2.0 on the other hand worked on a concept called Folksonomy. Today, Web 3.0 works on Me-onomy, meaning relating to the individual or the organization.

Web 2.0 is still in place and the new one is on its way, so it is imperative to know what good 3.0 can bring for users.

Web 3.0 V/s Web 2.0

It would not be wrong to say that Web 3.0 is going to be more focused on individuals than to the system. Web 2.0 uses the read write web, blogs, web applications, rich media, viral media or tagging while sharing content and focusing on communities. On the contrary, the Web 3.0 standard uses semantic web, drag n drop mash ups, widgets, user’s behavior or user engagement.

Web 3.0 gives the freedom to publish and reuse the data records with the help of ‘Data Web’ technology through query-able formats like RDF, XML and micro formats. It is nothing less than a stepping-stone to complete the dream of semantic web. It enables new levels of application operability, data integration and makes data openly linkable and accessible in the form of web pages without much of an effort.

The advancement of technology has to keep artificial intelligence on board because this is what future looks like. The web 3.0 also describes the latest trends for artificial intelligence. Web 3.0 aims to use the artificial intelligence to enhance the interactivity among people in very organic fashion. The question certainly blinks here that will Web 3.0 deliver it? Well there is a lot of research going on to develop software, which uses reasoning based on intelligent agents and description logic. So, we can hope it will give us more than expected.

The expansion of Web 3.0 is much talked about. In order to give you tip following are the possible expansion scenarios of Web 3.0:

1- Mobile devices

2- Ubiquitous connectivity

3- Mobile internet access with broadband adoption

4- Open technologies, open data formats

5- Open identity, open reputation, personal data and roaming portable identity

6- Intelligent web technologies, semantic techniques like OWL, RDF, SPARQL, SWRL

7- Intelligent applications, machine reasoning and natural language processing.

In summary, to use Web 2.0 you need to have some previous knowledge about the topic in order to create knowledge. However, on the contrary, Web 3.0 technology thinks on its own and connects one application to the other thus providing some very good results.

Web 3.0 calls for Human Interactivity

Web 2.0 came and conquered everyone thought this is what we all were waiting for the intelligence, interactivity and targeted results. Well this has proven wrong. The truth is Web 2.0 is still lagging behind in its artificial intelligence approach. The simplest example is the keyword search feature, which results in information overload.

Following are the Web 3.0 new concepts which can be used in search:

1- Contextual Search

2- Personalized Search

3- Tailor made Search

4- Deductive Reasoning

5- Evolution of the 3D Web

Having said so much about Web 3.0, the fact is that the actual potential of web 3.0 standards is yet to unfold in order to prove that it is much smarter than web 2.0 standards. It deploys web robots that are smart enough of taking decisions in the absence of any user interference.

Closing Statement:

Believe it or not but Web 3.0 is something that will go beyond the physical engagement. A small peak may tickle your senses that today the web connects to the mobile phone mostly but later on, it will connect to cars, clothes and microwaves thus providing an enriching integrated experience. This is still not it there some unpredicted developments which will make our machines and their usage more intelligent, which would be able to calculate both outbound and inbound links to give the desired benefit.

Well, this is the hard part now because we have talked about Web 3.0 however, it will not be the part of our lives soon. Users will have to rely on Web 2.0 for some more time. It is mainly because the semantic web technology is in its infancy and will need a considerable amount of time to take the lead. The difference between two technologies is certainly huge. The success of Web 3.0 is unsure however, it seems like it is going to make internet a better place virtually and life altering experience for its consumers.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Waqas E. is an online media newbie based in Germany. Experimenting his way to success, Waqas loves to write about anything and everything, and has all the intentions to rule the world one day.

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