A Collection of Interesting Slogan Wallpapers

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You must have seen slogan advertisements, slogan T shirts and even slogan pencils! Interesting slogans add a moment of spice in your life and often act to change your mood according to their message. However, what you mustn’t have seen are the slogans wallpapers. In this post we present you slogan wallpapers so that next time when you look at your computer screen, you see an interesting graphic with a witty slogan that changes your mood.

Simple Red

Life is Blue

I Love Water

Green Grunge

Gone Clubbing


Power of Pink Chicks

Not Tested on Animals

Hell March

Little Miss Communism

XD Smiley

Death is Dead

Smooth Trooper

I am Your Father


Slogan Tree

Don’t Touch

Share Please

Broken Heart


I Always Win


Life’s Too Short


Subway Onion

Subway Olive

Subway Jalapeno

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