Internet’s Most Viewed and Admired Photographs

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It is certainly my honor to present you some of the Internet’s most viewed photographs I have found on the internet. These are self explanatory pictures which need no introduction from a naive collector like me. These have been reproduced numerous times and admired all over the internet. I am sure you have seen all or few of them somewhere else as well but my effort of collecting them on one platform may inspires my readers who has special interest in natural wallpapers and photography.

internet's most viewed

internet's most viewed

Most Viewed and Admired Photographs

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25 Comments to Internet’s Most Viewed and Admired Photographs

  1. Not one of these would ever be published in a serious way by serious photography people. The democratization of imagery is the downfall of photographic art. I am not surprised that these are internet favorites. Nature of the beast and all. This just makes me sad.

    • It makes you sad that people other than professional photographers are allowed to… what? Photograph?. People love what they love. You don’t decide what makes successful art. Anyone could argue that popularity, universal love, is a sign of a successful piece.

      I guess what I’m saying is…

      Please move on and realize that anyone can make and love what they like

  2. it would be nice if you actually took the time to give the photographers credit for the images that you’ve taken. if you really admire their work, that is

  3. I suppose you have some data to back up yoru ‘Most viewed and admired’ claim? I only ask becuase I very much doubt it.

    Just another arbitary list of somebody elses hard work….

  4. Regardless. Let’s appreciate them since they’re already up.

    The elephant with the doves one is unbelievable. It should be famous. The elephant is so destructive (not to mention a symbol for the GOP) and doves obviously are symbolic for peace. It’s amazing to see them together. Doves trying to survive against all the violence and what not. Fantastic.

  5. Simply beautiful and breathtaking…. Im in love with all the animals….. lol….. I love these pictures.