Android vs Apple – Funny Wallpapers for Android Fans

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The war between PC and Apple has been known to everyone, however; the new war has been launched in between Android and Apple. The following compilation contains very unique wallpapers of battle between Android and Apple. It is basically for those who are pro-android because these wallpapers show Android prevailing in a funny way.

Think Android

There can be only one!

Puffy Android Eats Apple Mac

Android Piss on Apple

Gumby Android vs Apple

Evil Android

Cute Android

BnW Android vs Apple

Bloody Android eating Apple

Baby Android Yummy Apple

Apple and Android shouting

Angry Android eating Apple

Android, the killer

Android vs red Apple

Android vs Apple pencil

Android Sniper

Android rules

Android on Apple murder scene

Android munching on Apple

Android Laser Beam

Android Grrr Apple

Android eating Apple decal

Android and Steve Jobs

Android and Apple

Android vs Apple – Battle of the Best

Android vs Apple Light-saber Battle

3D Android vs Apple

Apple Android Battle

Android vs Apple – Bullet in the Head

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22 Comments to Android vs Apple – Funny Wallpapers for Android Fans

    • Apple sucks Android is the newest out there and every software goes extinct now it is Apples turn , and i have one question for you Why do you post something like this on a Android fan album you know your going to get mauled . Just saying

  1. fantastic ! i love u android , kill apple now , hurryup please haha ! android is my friend ! kisses 4 android

  2. True Knowledge

    Android is finally on top, did u guys see that iphone 4s and now 5? Even apple fan boys and girls are dissapointed. If public apology was given…its real bad!! And features weve had for at least two years. Android the Apple killer…..ROFL….

  3. The pictures are quite awesome shows tough fight between Android and Apple for achieving top position in the market.