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The popularity of social media is growing by leaps and bounds among the people of all ages, races and languages. People love to spend time on blogging, social networking and media sharing through personal and professional content. Catering to the large number of social media fans, two enthusiastic social media practitioners from the US, Adam Oliver and Ivan Wong, founded Flixya, an interesting and absolutely free self-publishing platform on which members can upload any content and make money online, absolutely free!

As soon as the economic ice age started, more and more professionals from around the world switched to different online mediums of revenue generation to run their households. Many of these people found it such an interesting and beneficial medium of earning that even after the economic recession was over, they kept going on the same lines and are still earning a good living from it. Keeping the growing trend of making money online, Flexiya’s founders developed this media sharing website such a way that users could enjoy earning half the revue generated on their content.

Flixya V3.0

Flixya’s Google Adsense Revenue Sharing brought about a dynamic increase in its fans and the number went to thousands in a very short span. Keeping this in consideration, Flixya has just recently launched Flixya V3.0 that is based upon Google Adsense API and provided the members a good number of features to improve the publication process, made media distribution more efficient and has considerably added to the revenue generation potential of member content.

Flixya V3.0 is basically a social medium of content sharing and self-publishing absolutely free, which pays you a 100% of the revenue generated on your particular content. The constant improvement in website’s interface and usability has made it easiest to use to people of all ages, nationalities and educational backgrounds. In other words Flixya not only enables you to enjoy social networking, blogging, and media sharing, but also empowers you to make money online through Google Adsense without even having your own website!

100% Revenue Sharing Opportunity

Flixya is an interesting combination of social media and online earning. The most sought-after feature of Flixya is the 100% Google Adsense Revenue Sharing that boasts of a streamlined interface and a plenty of ‘making publishing easy’ features that make media distribution a piece of cake. The feature leverages on Google Adsense API and offers a 100% revenue sharing opportunity to its members.

Hassle-free Google AdSense Setup

Great news! Internet users seeking interesting and beneficial earning opportunities online should search no more, because Flixya provides you with a hassle-free Google Adsense setup. Now you can earn from signing up at Flixya and simply publishing your content without getting into thefuss of having your own website.

Social Networking Features

Flixya is not just about media sharing a revenue generation from it. The increasing popularity has enabled Flixya to grow beyond and offer exciting social networking features. Flixya is linked with all the famous social networking mediums to that the members stay connected and share the Flixya stuff and stay connected with their friends on other mediums as well.

Final Thoughts

Sharing your writing, photos and videos has always been a fun pass-time of regular Internet users. However, when Flixya gives you the opportunity to earn complete revenue from your self-publications and media distribution, then making money online starts making sense.

Waqas E. is an online media newbie based in Germany. Experimenting his way to success, Waqas loves to write about anything and everything, and has all the intentions to rule the world one day.

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  1. sean kings (@goflyguys)

    I think that self publishing is a great way for an upcoming writer to get their work heard. I have been doing it for a while now and have gotten so much more recognition than i have ever expected.

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  4. making money with google isnt hard just takes some time if you take some time out to get some good traffic thru blog post and with adsense donot put your website in a auto sufer any clicks coming from a auto surf will get your account shut down..