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ICON we have heard and used this word numerous times but we never tried to dig in the philosophy behind it. It means few of us know What exactly Icon is? How it is known as Icon? What is it made of? So, to start with Icon is a pictogram displayed on a computer screen and used to navigate a computer system. It is more or less like an electronic hyperlink to access the program or data. Icons have quite a history of the graphical user interface.


The designing of Icon is not something done abstractly but it is a systematic process of maintaining the quality and standards. Today, operating system manufacturers offer guidelines for development icons on their system. Icon designing involves a high level of skill in combining an attractive graphic design with the required usability features.


Shape is obviously an important factor in designing Icon. It needs to be clear and recognizable at various sizes and resolutions. Together with the other design details, the shape also needs to make it unique on the display and clearly distinguishable from other icons.


Dull icons don’t really get much appreciation and after all color brings life in any shape and same rule applies for Icon development. In today’s technological times where ability to customize desktop is increasing, it is important for the icon itself to display in a standard color which cannot be modified, retaining its characteristic appearance for immediate recognition by the user.

Size and scalability

Interestingly, the size of Icon is not random but standard is to keep its size equal to an adult thumb, enabling both easy visual recognition and use in a touchscreen device. One can also develop large icons because they can also serve as part of the accessibility features for the visually impaired on many computer systems.

Cultural context

It is important to note that designing of an Icon also considers its cultural implications. The element of culture in design is important this includes color, numbers, symbols, body parts and hand gestures. Once developed these icons will then be evaluated for their meaning and relevance across all markets targeted by the product.


This is a list of notable computer icon software.

  1. Axialis IconWorkshop
  2. IcoFX
  3. IconBuilder
  4. GIMP
  5. ImageMagick
  6. IrfanView

Today’s post is an effort to give our readers chance to download some wonderful icons which can be downloaded for free. We hope you like the post and let us know about the feedback.

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