Dangerous Storm Photography – You Don’t Want to Be There

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The images below seem surreal or edited whereas the truth is somehow different because the photographer put his life on risk in chasing those storms to bring such a fine photos to reveal the monstrosity of nature’s fury. The Photographer, Mike Hollingshead who runs the extremeinstability website is a storm chaser that got into photography. He usually drives around 20,000 miles a year just chasing storms, from Texas to North Dakota, Colorado to Indiana. Though more and more he’s satisfied with South Dakota to Oklahoma, Colorado to Iowa.

He always shoots with a Canon Digital Rebel SLRs. He has a 10-22 EF-s, a 50mm 1.8, and a 100-400L and that is it for lenses. He shoots strictly in RAW. Mike Hollingshead is the sole creator of these images and holds the complete credit of such fine photography.

To see more of his work just click on Extremeinstablity and enjoy!

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