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We all know that Android has become a powerful competitor in the mobile operating system market. Maybe it is the time android OS was launched. People want to have something else, something that  gives them more freedom to do whatever it is they want, especially developers. So, that is exactly what Android is offering. Android applications in abundance!

With the passage of time the craze for android development has not faded away, In fact the latest technical advancements cater for all sorts of issues included help with tablet help and so forth.

Dzineblog360 considers it a duty to assist the beginners and experts to learn more about this platform. We sorted out the best Android tutorials in 2011 that we believe to be the most used by developers and that assisted them in the best possible ways. So, in order to cater to the needs of all who are looking to build their own android apps with the help of SDK they should give this little list a peek, I am sure you won’t regret it.

While compiling the tutorials, it was found that the release of a new SDK offers many more features. These features should be looked over by developers. So, this list also compromises SDK based tutorials which include an android touch calculator and other UI app base development. Do let us know if you enjoy the list.

Android Touch

Android Game Development – OpenGL Texture Mapping

Android Wifi. How to scan wireless networks?

Fountain OpenGL Application Walkthrough

Basic Map-Application

Create a simple cloud animation by extending view class

2D Tutorial Series – Part V

Android SDK: Using the Text to Speech Engine

OpenGL ES 2.0

Android Development Tutorial

Using Facebook SDK in Android development

Drawing with Canvas in Android, Saving your drawings

Android Google Maps Tutorial

Android location service example

Working With Android Contacts

How To Create Android Live Wallpaper

Android SDK Tutorial – Learn how to install Android SDK

Basic spinner design

Andriod TouchCalculator

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