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Search engine optimization is a term that most web developers are familiar with as they keep on inventing ways to improve their website’s ranking. Several of the sites are altered in order to optimize the website. It can be said without doubt that nowadays the content of the website is probably not as important as is the site’s on page optimization. It serves as being the integral part of internet marketing.

Some of the steps to improve on page of SEO are illustrated as follows

1. On Page Optimization:

On page optimization may be required for improving the site’s HTML and altering its code to enhance the pertinence of keywords. Content is also modified in certain instances to increase On Page optimization.

2. Firstly seek ways to improve your title:

A short but comprehensive title tag is sort of a guarantee to see that your business receives the due attention that you desire for it. It is nothing but the title tag that appears on the search engines. So a short an appealing and catchy title is all you need to increase your site’s viewership. This way the search engine can easily rank your website on top of several other websites like yours. Create a title tag which has the name of your business and also for the enhancement of keywords ranking, a keyword may be incorporated

3. Importance of Meta description:

The Mata Tags are a thing of the past; it is the Meta description that is more important. Meta description is basically a brief depiction of your company’s portfolio. It explains what your company does. The tip here is that do not make your company description too long.

What should your Meta Description include:

  • State clearly the selling point- Your customers need to know exactly what your rae offering. Include in the Meta Description maybe a one liner stating detailed description. For example if you are trying to sell cheap radiators, use phrases like ‘cheap radiators starting from $100’. This will get you more advantage in terms of SRP.
  •  Keywords – Some keywords might get you advantage Google’s algorithm.
  • Toll Free Number–This can be included in your Meta Description and for customers who use skype, this number will automatically become a part of their skype contacts. Customers can then directly call you by just clicking on this number and they won’t have to go through the website for this.

4. HTML Tags that are important

Highlighting some parts of the website is important so readers can look at it easily. Many html tags enable you to do this e.g header tags. The content placed inside header tags is very important in accordance with the search engine. These can be used to define the significant sections of the website.


  • Header 1: this is normally used for page titles. It defines the most important part of the page.
  •  Header 2 and 3: These should be used to define post titles or subheadings. It is advisable to divide the content on your website with headers. It makes your content easy to read and navigate.

Text Format:

  • Bold: Make sure you bold words of key importance mostly keywords. But don’t overdo it since it can get you penalized.
  • Italic: [em] tag can be used to highlight important words.

5. Keyword Optimization

Creating a balance between content and keywords is very important to ensure a readable content. Your site should not have too many keywords but just the right amount. It should also be kept in mind that this optimization should be perfect to suit both search engines and readers.

  • You can find free tools online to find appropriate keywords for your site. Make sure keyword density is also moderate.
  • Synonyms Keywords: Try using synonyms of highly rated keywords instead in order to maintain originality of your work.
  • Try using long tail keywords since these offer a better chance with SEO. You can also come up with your own long tail keyword by adding simple words like best or most with them.

6. Link Optimization

Optimization of outbound links both internal and external is very important along with providing the visitor with an improved navigation. The outbound link can be given value and proper meaning if anchor text is used with the appropriate keyword.

7. Images need Optimization too

You need to ensure your website’s images are optimized too. It is difficult for a search engine to comprehend these images so make sure you tag them with the relevant information to lend them some sense.

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