84th Oscar Awards – A Star Studded Ceremony

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It’s been 84 years since the first Oscar Awards ceremony was held. As the time goes by the popularity of Oscars surged and today it is the most highest reward in Hollywood. Last night was it’s 84th ceremony in which stars dazzled their fans and movie goers. Film makers were bestowed with Oscars as a token of appreciation for their hard work. A silent black and white romantic drama The Artist stole the show by earning 5 awards including best actor and best film. The movie is a delight and has a script of two sentences.

There were many more winners who went home with smile on their face. First ever Pakistani woman also earned an Oscar for her documentary. Best actress was Meryl Streep for her performance in political thriller The Iron Lady. I have included some interesting photos of the ceremony including some more related to the red carpet. It was one beautiful night with stars falling from sky.

Red Carpet of Oscar 2012

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