Easy and Simple Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorial

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Photoshop is an amazing tool for photo manipulation and its associated techniques. Photo manipulation enables you to treat your photos in a way that they look very interesting and eye-catching. You can make your photos more radiant by adding different effects and styles.

However, to take a first dip into the pool of photo manipulation, we will start with this Easy and Simple Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorial that will help you discover the basics of photo manipulation techniques.


We will start with opening a New Layer in Photoshop and after setting a color to it, apply Gradient Overlay on the same layer.

This is how the Gradient Overlay should look like…

Now open a New Layer, download a Floral Vector design and insert this in the same layer. (I downloaded these from deviantArt.)

Now apply Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur to these floral vector.

After applying the Gaussian Blur, apply Outer Glow to it according to the following measurements.

This is how the image will look like…

Now open a New Layer and insert a Photo in it. (Note that this photo should be cropped).

Now apply Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges to this photo. This will give a more dramatic touch to it.

This is how it will look like…

Now select Custom Shape Tool (short key – U), draw a shape like below mentioned flower shape and apply white color to it.

Mover this layer behind the photo layer.

Select the Smudge Tool with size 200 px, smudge the white shape around the photo. You can pull and push the waves around in any way you like. You can start to see nice glow of colors blending around the blurred edges.

Now select the Elliptical Marquee Tool (short key – M) and draw a roundel like I did below:

Now apply Select > Modify > Feather and choose 30 px for the Feather.  Fill this selection with color #D200FF, change the Blending Mode of this layer to Screen and change its opacity to 30%.

This is how it will look like…

Apply the same thechnique as mentioned above and choose color #F6FF00 and #00A2FF for other two light effects. Change the Blending Mode for these two layers to Overlay and change its opacity to 60%.

This is gong to be the result…

Now we will add sparkles to this image. For that we will work on the Brush Engine to produce the sparkle bruch. For doing so, please refer to my previous tutorial How to Attain Magic Tea Effect in Photoshop  in which this techniques is mentioned more elaborately. Once you are done with making the brush, apply it according to your image.

Create a New Layer on top of all other layers. Select a Soft Brush tool with color #FFFFFF. Paint some white dots of various sizes along the edge of the model.

Once this is done, you’ll find your final image like the figure below.

Do let me know how effective did you find this tutorial!

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