Inspiration and Tutorials of Digital Surrealism That Will Make You Pro

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The Choice, a dramatic and fantasy photo-manipulation

Digital Surrealism is quite a unique aspect of photoshop skills. However it requires especial skill set to come up with an inspiring and creative design which can be termed as awesomely surreal. In photoshop a designer may enjoy the liberty of creating number of images using surreal effects but it can only be done by an analytical mind who knows what he is doing. In order to give some inspiration to those who are yet new in this field I have given some images which can be inspiring for them and they can get an idea how things work in surrealism. Furthermore, in the bottom I have prepared a round up of tutorials which will ultimately turn new users in to professionals. So, enjoy, learn and share.


Create a Galaxy Angel Surreal Art Piece

Advanced collage tricks

Create an Out of Bounds Fantasy Illustration

Surreal Apocalypse Photo-manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

Making of a Forest Surreal Scene

Fantastic Tree

Dark Surreal Illustration in Photoshop

Create a Fantasy Banana Ship in Photoshop

Touching Story Scene in Photoshop

Out of Bounds Surreal Photo manipulation in Photoshop

Design an Epic Fantasy Scene with Photoshop

Make a Stunning Black and White Falling Scene

The Choice, a dramatic and fantasy photo-manipulation

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