40+ Interesting Photoshop Tutorials for Photo Editing

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Photo editing is fun. It’s even more fun in Photoshop where there are loads of other features from what the usual software of mobile apps have. For a designer, photo editing can come handy to add the right effect and color to the photo he is choosing to use. You can improve the look of the photos on your website to make them clearer and more professional. And now with 40+ Interesting Photoshop Tutorials for Photo Editing, you don’t even need to depend on others for editing the photos for you. I have collected the very useful ones from all the best places. Take a look and see how it can come useful to you.

Super Silhouettes

Replacing a background

Black and white photos with just a touch of color

Creating a 3D effect

Phoenix hair effect

Selecting and extracting hair

Change hair color

Making skin beautiful

Quick and effective facial photo retouching

Professional changing of the eye color

Creating photo borders with displacement maps

Bourne Ultimatum color and motion blur

Coloring effects

High-key black and white portrait effect

Vector art with Photoshop

Pop art

Pop art inspired by Lichtenstein

Turn a photo into a collage of Polaroids

Hot and fiery photo

Photo restoration

Adding flames and effects to make an image with impact

Selective sepia

Add dynamic lighting to a flat photograph

Star difussion

Gritty HDR

Photo cutout

Give your photos a retro comic book effect

Applying a realistic tattoo

Photo retouching

Beyond the healing brush – removing objects from photos

How to break sunlight through the clouds

Beautiful lady effect

Sparkling hot girl in Photoshop

Create an illustrated look from a photograph

Creating a vector composite effect from a photo

Enhance your image with selective color adjustments

Ghosting an image

Old fashioned, hand-tinted effect

Softer background effect

Creating drama with a soft spotlight

Photoshop matte painting

Telling stories with shadows


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