Give a Scenic Touch to Your Scenery with Easy Photoshop Tutorial

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When you are getting to know Photoshop and its amazing techniques, you cannot resist the temptation to experience photo manipulation through different Photoshop effects. Catering to that, I did some simple and do-able Photoshop photo manipulation tutorials a few days ago like the Easy and Simple Photoshop Photomanipulation Tutorial, which was well- appreciated by alot of people at different platforms.

This time, I have come up with yet another simple photo manipulation tutorial which aims to Give Scenic Touch to Your Scenery with Easy Photoshop Tutorial. I hope you will find it as easy as baking a cake!


To stat with, Open an image of a beautiful scenery in Photoshop

Now click on the Gradient Tool (shortkey – G) and open the Gradient Editor. Now select the gradient from Black to Tranparent like I have done in the image below. Also select the Linear Gradient option.

Now draw a Gradient from left to right of the image (or in any other direction in which you want your gradient to go) as per the figure below.

Once the Gradeint is drawn, change the Blend Mode of this Layer into Saturation from the drop down menu.

As soon as you will click this option, the Black area of the previously drawn gradient will turn into black and white, making half of your image as colored and the other half as black and white.

In this step, we will draw a realistic rainbow on the colored area of the image. To draw a rainbow, download some exciting Rainbow Gradient from the Internet and then load these in your Gradient panel. Once the Rainbow Gradient is loaded, open a New Layer and name it Rainbow. Now open the Gradient Editor and select the thinnest Rainbow Gradient (I selected the last one according to the image below).

Now select the Radient option from the Options bar and draw a gradient across the image. One a half circle of Rainbow Gradient is drawn, go to Edit > Free Transform and move the Rainbow towards one corner like I did in the image below.

You will have to take some time to set the right shape and position of the Rainbow. Once this is done, apply Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur to the Rainbow Layer.

The Rainbow will appear more subtle and close to natural.

However, you will see that the Rainbow is drawn all over the image. To make it look more natural, add Layer Mask the Rainbow Layer from the Mak button on the bottom of the layers panel. Nothing will happen t your image for now, however, a white box will appear beside the rainbow box on the same layer. Now click on the Layer Mask on the rainbow Layer, open the Gradient Editor and select the Black, White Gradient.

Draw the Black, White Gradient on the Layer Mask from bottom to half way towards the top.

The Rainbow will disappear from the bottom and will appear exactly on the uper right corner of the image only.

Now the Rainbow seems very light, so click on Rainbow Layer, right click on it and select Duplicate Layer. The rainbow will become more sharp and visible

This is how the final image will look like…

Let me know of your comments about this simple tutorial.

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