Go Vintage on Your Photos with 40 Brilliant Photoshop Tutorials

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Photoshop Action Set 25

Photoshop Actions is a feature everyone has their eyes on nowadays, and rightly so. This feature allows you to edit your photos in such a way that it gets brilliant effects. This is also used to create beautiful artwork. These visually appealing vintage effects are just what your photos need to become absolutely stunning. This whole ‘Photoshop Action’ starts by opening the Action palate in the software.

Now you don’t have to search through the features and icons yourself as these tutorials can be your step-by-step guide to learning this easy yet useful feature of Photoshop. The 40 Photoshop tutorials that we have brought for you today can help you learn some brilliant vintage effects to add that perfect touch to your photos and make them so much better than before. So check through these tutorials, suit yourself with the one you like and get ready to give see some exciting turn-outs.

Action 051 “Exclusive Vintage”

Vintage Colors

Vintage Dream PS Actions

Old Black and White

Photoshop Action 9 Pack


Vintage II – PS Actions

Vintage Film Effect

Pink Vintage Photoshop Action

Abbi Action

Vintage Actions

Vintage Action Pack

Magical Effect 4.2

Summer Heat Action

Action 009 “RETRO SPLASH”

Classic 3.8 (4 actions)

Sa-cool Actions 1.05

Vintage Actions

Vintage Photoshop Action

Vintage Action Works for HQ

Vintage By Scott Metts

Vintage Action Set 4

Hand-colored Vintage Photo ATN

Photoshop vintage Actions


Buttercream Vintage Action

Vintage ATN – Free Sample

Sun Kissed Photoshop Actions

SweetPea Country Vintage PS Action

Beach Vintage

Photoshop Actions

Vintage II By Scott Metts

Vintage Effect

Love Everywhere – Vintage Action

Photoshop Vintage Action III

Violet Delight

Faiis – ’80s

Vintage Summer Action

Actions – Vintage

Photoshop Vintage Action IV

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