5 Business Card Designs Trends That Will Prevail in 2013

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In this ever increasing competitive world it is becoming very difficult to stand out from the crowd especially if you are a creative professional. The life gives you only one chance to have an influential first impression that breaks or makes your effort to land in a potential deal. In such difficult scenario one should always try to do as much as he can to seize the opportunity whenever, where ever he finds it. Business cards is one small but significant thing that can help you to distinguish yourself from your peers. In last couple of years we have seen increasing trend to adopt business cards online which are referred as virtual business cards but they were not successful in undermining the importance and impact of printed business cards. In fact the trend of having new more unique and creative printed business cards is on the hike.

In order to understand which business card designs trends will prevail in 2013, Dzineblog360 has done some research and following are the chosen 2013 trends of business card designs that you will see featuring online and being used offline. Below we have outlined the trends along with some examples to support our idea and logic behind selecting a specific prevailing business card design pattern.

1 – Interactive Business Cards

Interactive business cards perhaps have been the most featured and desired business cards in 2011, 2012 and this trend will continue in 2013. However, the new technological advancements in printing industry especially the launch of 3D printers will definitely revolutionize this trend further and we assume that more and more people would like to have complex, aspiring and very creative business cards that are interactive and multipurpose.

Designed by : Advertising Agency: Struck, USA

Designed by : Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna, Austria

Designed by: Ogilvy & Mather , Mumbai, India

Designed by: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil

Designed by: Dario Monetini

2 – Unique Business Cards

As I have mentioned above how much important it is for you as a creative professional to stand out from the crowd and in order to do it you will require to have unique business card. This business card design trend has never been outdated. It was here and it will remain in times to come specially in creative industry where imagination and fantasy knows no boundary and everything is suppose to be inspiring not mundane.

image source

 Image source

3 – Typographic Business Cards

Typography in business designs is not something you see very often. However in the time to come you are going to see a lot of business card designs based entirely on typography. It was old and traditional way of designing business cards which is making its return. Look at the examples below and see how it is going to look if further enhanced through engraving or embossing techniques and printing it from 3D printers.

 image source

 image source

 image source

 image source

 Image source

4 – Business Cards with New Printing Materials

In the 2013, the one thing which is going to be very imminent is usage of unusual business card printing materials. The reason for opting to wood, steel, x-rays, silver etc is because it does not only make the card creative but it makes it unique and that is the whole point of having business card at first place. If you visit card observer you will see how much different variety is available for cards to be printed on.

image source: Sterling Design

image source: Duffy & Partners

image source: Catalyst Studios

image source: Murillo Design

5 – Business Cards with QR Codes

This is new yet going to be very significant, people will be opting for more and more QR codes based business card designs and use them on their business cards to enhance the quality of information and perhaps enclose more information then just contact details in business cards. I am sure it will make this industry more techie and advanced.

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