50 Resume Designs That Help You Get Dream Job

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Times are tough and we all are in search of a way that can help us find a job we dream off. Lately people have been trying their luck through various methods and few of them are working fine for them. Recently, a job seeker put his personal ad on Amazon to sell his/her services. It was such a clever move that it got attention from various international news outlets. I am sure he would have find a job however all of us cannot do such out of the world thing. So, we mainly have to reply on the traditional way of presenting resumes. Now, if you are a designer and intend to impress your employer then the best way to do so is present your resume in creative style. You can do it by designing it in such a way that shows how far you can go in terms of creating and presenting something as complex as resume. Following samples will help you think out of the box in creating your next resume for dream job.

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ZI-HUAI SHEN – Curriculum Vitae (CV)

resume designs

xsarax // CV

Vidar Olufsen – Self Promotion: Résumé

resume designs

Thanan – Resume

Tai Hsiung Huang – Self Promotion

Studio Creosoul – Infographic Resume

stuart mayhew – Resume

Shilka Kunhimon – Innovation in Portfolio Design

Sean A. Metcalf – The CV Publication

Sayda Muckenhirn – My Resume

Sara Duncan – Self Promo

Sara Catanzariti – Graphic Resume

Riccardo Sabatini – RESUME 2011

Resumeby gr33nie42

Resume Confidential_2008 by sercantunali

Resume by tenbiscuits

Resume by puziah

Resume (2010) by AP-3

Pernille Posselt – Resumé

Pamela Espana – Self Promotion / Stationary

Newest Resume by pixelprop


Navdeep Raj – Resume

Mohit Lakhmani – Info graphic 3d Paper Resume

Mindview Resume by NitroVince

Loyez Geoffrey – Resume

Kertu Oja – Resume

Juan Alfonso Solís – Self Promotion

Joshua Yap – Curriculum Vitae

Joel Silva – Self-Promotion ’12

Javier Milla – CV

Ilse Zwakke – Curriculum vitae

Ihsan Farhan – Ihsanmfarhan Self Promo 2012

Hello my name is C.V by RichardTheRough

Hee Sun Kim – Infographic resume

Giuliana Castelliti – Curriculum Vitae

Genevieve Dennis – Resume / Curriculum Vitae

Gary Corr – Infographic CV

Eyad Hussein – CV

Ewelina Rosinska – Portfolio

Eva Markova – Self promo

Errol Veloso + Resume | Self Promotion

CV by xchingx

CV by Verine

CV by Fransanchez

CV by Giemax

Chul hwee Kim – SELF PROMOTION 2011

Chen Zhi Liang – Infographics Resume

Bernice Beltran – CV

Ashley Spencer – Curriculum Vitae / Resume

Angelique Calmon – Self Promotion

Ana Lourenço – Infographic CV

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