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If you are a regular Internet user then you must have seen a lot of pounding of Apple’s final release of iOS 7. Like it or not it is the necessity of every tech, design, web blog to talk about it. So here we are bowing before one of the tech gods miraculous (ironically) release and are going to go ga-ga over their extra-ordinary iOS 7 features list. We in this post will try to be as neutral as possible because as I presume, Internet goers and gadget lovers did not find new Apple software and hardware releases with usual enthusiasm. However, fulling the need of the hour, we try to overlook the flaws of over-zealous project of Tim Cook we here by lay out perhaps the only post we will ever publish about iOS 7.

In this post, we try to summarize all of the required information you need to know urgently and over the period of next few days if you are an iPhone user. The following information consists of What’s new in iOS 7, the tricks and changes iOS 7 has brought to the devices and in the end procedure to automatic/manual update of your device to new iOS 7. I hope you find this compact information useful.

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What’s New:

Siri Overhaul

Perhaps the only thing I always liked about iPhone was Siri and in this release the app got make over. It is now smarter with integrated Wikipedia and Bing support built in for your search queries. There’s also Twitter where Siri can check out what your friends are saying. Other than Siri’s new look with the sound wave and it now comes in male voice too – pretty neat.

Safari’s New UI

Browsing the Web on Safari now is better with its automatic full screen mode. As you scroll down through content, the address bar that you normally see will be minimized to only show the website name. The buttons at the bottom will also be hidden until you scroll up to reveal the controls.

Multitasking Gets Easy

Orientation lock and volume slider are also on the Control Center. Multitasking now lets you peek at the apps which are opened. Slide through all the app previews and double tap on a preview to launch the app.

Flat & Simple is the New Apple iOS 7 UI

The most distinctive thing which you can notice in the very first look is iOS 7 redesign. There has been a lot of buzz about it and designers were pouring their ideas how the flat and long shadow design of new iOS would look like. So, here it is, iOS has been redesigned, from the app icons and colors to typography, buttons and the general outlook — everything is simple and clean. The home screen wallpaper uses gyroscope hardware to give the background picture a parallax effect. As you move your device, you can clearly differentiate the homescreen layer from the app icon layers, and this works throughout the system.

One-Swipe Access Control Center

Access settings and options in a heart beat with Control Center. Swipe from the bottom of the screen to access settings like WiFi, Bluetooth and also change brightness and control music playback.

Quick Camera, Geo-sorted Albums

The camera app now comes with 4 features accessible by left or right swipes: Videos, Photos, Photos in a square frame (for instagram) and Panorama pictures. New filters have also been added to the camera app on top of the basic editing features that is already available.

iOS 7 Features:

  1. Apps that require updates will now be downloaded and updated automatically. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads to turn it on.
  2. Your panorama photos and videos will be each have its own folder inside Albums.
  3. Notification Centre adds a ‘Today’ tab, which gives you a summary of everything that has happened or is happening today.
  4. The ‘Edit’ function is added to Photos app. You can now rotate, enhance, crop, correct red-eye or add filters to any photo.
  5. iOS7 added AirDrop, allowing you to share files directly with devices connected to the same WiFi connection.
  6. You can now block a caller. To block someone, go to Contacts > Select a contact > Block this Caller.
  7. App Store removes Genius and added the Popular Near Me section with recommendation of popular local apps.
  8. You can now search through your Purchased Apps, whether they are installed or not on your current iOS7 device. To search for a specific app, go to App Store > Updates tab > Purchased > Search.
  9. Ladies, Siri now has a male voice option. If you don’t fancy the current female voice, here’s how you change it. General > Settings > Siri > Voice Gender > Male.
  10. World Clock now tells you how many hours your local time is behind/or ahead of each timezone added. No more timezone headaches.
  11. Maps app’s turn-by-turn navigation is now more accurate.

Best iOS 7 Apps Ready to Use

Perfect Weather

SPG: Starwood Hotels & Resorts




Pocket Casts


Cobook Contacts



Auto-Installation of New iOS 7

For one thing, it is available for over-the-air update via Settings > General > Software Update, but you should know that it is more than 1 GB in size. Depending on your Internet speed, this update is going to take a while.

Manually Download New iOS 7

So now that you have downloaded the required file, here’s what to do next.

  1. Launch iTunes (you will need the latest version) and look for the iPhone (or iPad) button on the top right.
  2. Hold Options (or Alt) key, and click Update.
  3. Look for the downloaded .ipsw and click Open.

iPhone 4 / 4s

iPhone 4s A1387 Download 1.18 GB
iPhone 4 (GSM Rev A) Download 1.12 GB
iPhone 4 (GSM) A1332 Download 1.12 GB
iPhone 4 (CDMA) A1349 Download 1.12 GB

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 (CDMA) A1442/A1429 Download 1.23 GB
iPhone 5 (GSM) A1428/A1429 Download 1.23 GB

iPad (2nd Gen)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi (Rev A) Download 1.04 GB
iPad 2 Wi-Fi A1395 Download 1.04 GB
iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM) A1396 Download 1.06 GB
iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA) A1397 Download 1.06 GB

iPad (3rd Gen)

iPad 3 Wi-Fi A1416 Download 1.31 GB
iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (ATT) A1430 Download 1.34 GB
iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (Verizon) A1403 Download 1.34 GB

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